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Scholarships and other fee weavers opportunities:

Chica English

1.- Participants can apply on our website for scholarship opportunities

2.- Participants can also seek, and request from associated special social services programs, they are associated with if they may have funding or scholarship opportunities for economic and job opportunity advancement.

3.- Some "Transitional Programs", may have available, special vocational/technical training opportunities funding, you must inquire and introduce our program to them, and link, as well. If contacted from that institution, we will do our very best to make sure that agency engages in funding our program.

4.- There are participants fee reduction or total weavers opportunities: If a participant introduces our program to others (20) participants, or an institution entity signs up with at least 28-30, and they become confirmed full paid or with a locked in on going payment option. In person, or through our website, in one cycle (3 months) sign up time, then the participant will automatically have their tuition totally weaved.

5.- Trade or Corporate entities, wishing to border services, may submit a proposal through our email for value and deliverance consideration. We will respond within 48-72 hours.

6.- Participants may also elect to become affiliates, and brand us on their site with a minimum of 20k members or visitors each day. And earn points, to reduce their monthly tuition fees.

7.- As well as participating in major community out-reach events, and collecting leads for the workshop, they can have their monthly tuition reduced according to confirmed lead registration, as well.

8.- Participants will receive full tuition fee weaved, if they identify any grants, or entity that would sponsor 20 plus students, to help advance the TTC Podcast Program, and help provide scholarships, from such confirmed opportunities.

"Financial Aides and Scholarship available, please register and fill the form"

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