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Payment Options and Financial Aid opportunities and referrals:

Chica English

1.- Students can register for the three months workshop, and pay up front full fees, and receive a 5% discount.

2.-Monthly payment options, at an additional (5%) payment fee, for administrative processing.

3.-Financial Aid, is available according to the participant income level, US status, credit status availability, will determine qualification, and availability of financing amount. according to the funding sources associated with our program requirements

4.- Other options: Since our workshop tuition is very modestly low, and reasonable, participants can also seek other funding options, such as family, friends, job, bank and credit union loans, sponsors, and create a funding opportunity. To help them pay for the work each month. There are many other funding opportunities, as well as outside of our program.

"Financial Aides and Scholarship available, please register and fill the form"

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