The raging popularity of podcasts has turned today’s generation into active listeners. PS: There’s nothing more liberating than listening to something entertaining, meanwhile ticking off your to-do list.
Do you still doubt the reason why podcasts are becoming extremely popular? Have a look at this example, but make sure you act honestly while pondering upon this hypothetical question. Do you always read an article till the end or don’t you skip the videos in between? Yes, you do it almost all the time!

Now imagine listening to a soothing voice like Morgan Freeman’s. I bet you’d be dancing to every lyric.

That is the power of podcasts, and today they are popular than ever. With the world battling against the outbreak of COVID, the growth of digital media such as podcasts is going to steer ahead in the race.

Without wasting any time, let’s dive right into the top 5 reasons why listening to podcasts is going to be a major trend:

  1. Listen on The Go 

Can you ever imagine yourself carrying a TV or tape recorder wherever you go? If not, then podcasts can be your next smart move. As compared to hanging onto immovable entertainment set up, podcasts offer you a wonderful opportunity to listen on the go! With the availability of the best online podcasts, you can be entertained anytime, anywhere. This hands and eyes-free form of entertainment will convert your everyday monotonous work into an easy job.

  1. A Better Excuse to Minimize Screen Time

Right from swallowing all your precious time to causing strain to your eyes, there are endless reasons why your T.V is the ultimate “idiot box”, and the one not worthy of grabbing even the least amount of attention. So, if you have ditched your TV, and are looking for a better alternative? Give podcast streaming service a try!

FYI: Many studies have proven the significant strain that screen time has on the eyes, and can be a bad treat for your brain. The great thing about podcasts is they act as a viable entertainment alternative to visual media. Podcasts, like a twin sister to videos, require no reading and little energy wastage. This is because podcasts require listeners to work on their imagination to make listening to podcasts an amazing experience. So let your eyes take a break off the screen while you let your power of imagination brew something magical, all you have to do is, download a podcast today!

  1. Learn About Unique Topics Right from Experts

One reason that makes podcasts stand out is that it acts as a great educational tool. Now you know why it is different, unique, and even much better than that TV installed at your home and office. Apart from this, its easy accessibility has paved a way for both experts and audiences to share a common ground to pour in the best of the best tips and tricks. 

  1. Putting Bias of Mainstream Media to Rest 

Another reason why the world is going ga-ga over podcasting is that we are no longer circumscribed to receive daily news from limited avenues. A 2015 Gallup Poll cites that only “Four in 10 Americans say they have ‘a great deal’ or ‘a fair amount’ of trust and confidence in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately and fairly,” which ties 2014 for a historical low. Whether watching television or listening to the radio, news sources are limited, and often appear shady. Good news: Once you tap onto the best online podcasts, you get a vast space to explore tons of variety, with an opportunity to catch more than two or three perspectives on any topic.

  1. Keep Up the Charm of Storytelling 

Simply put, podcasting is a rebirth to storytelling. For ages, entire epic poems like The Odyssey were passed down from one generation to the other by storytellers who loved the work. This tradition of verbal storytelling was seen prevalent in other cultures, and over the years became a thing of the past, Given the fact how written and visual media came alive and almost killed the entire idea of storytelling. But, there’s no point to feel sad, as podcasting is doing whatever it takes to bring back this tradition, the one we lost way long back. Want to self-check how podcasting is the new version of storytelling? So, listen to some of the best online podcasts to see how it is keeping up with a tradition (from over 2,000 years ago!) alive.

Final Words

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